Travel: Tips to Make Your Louisville Zoo Trip Awesome

by Abigail Malik

photo by A. MalikThe Louisville Zoo is a Kentucky treasure. Whether you’re going with kids, your significant other, friends, or by yourself, keep these tips in mind for a great visit.

Before you go

Purchase your tickets online so you won’t have to stand in line once you get there. Because there’s always a stroller-filled line for the tickets.

And don’t forget to look for discounts through AAA, credit unions, your employer, and other memberships.

Let’s eat!

Bring in a backpack or tote filled with some drinks and a few healthy, filling snacks, like fruit, nuts, and a PB&J to share. That way, you can stave off hunger and not suddenly need to eat – and end up spending more than you planned.

For a recent visit, we packed a full picnic lunch. When we got hungry, though, we found ourselves across the park in Glacier Run and (it felt) a hike from the parking lot. None of us were willing to walk to the car and fetch the snacks, and we ended up eating at a zoo restaurant.

Which brings us to the zoo’s best-kept secret: the African Outpost restaurant, a large indoor facility that wasn’t crowded at all when we arrived. A lot of people eat near the always-crowded Papa John’s Splash Park. By-pass this food stand and trek a few more minutes to African Outpost for a nice indoor, re-energizing reprieve.

Keep your cool

Make sure to bring a hat. A lot of time is spent in direct sunlight walking from exhibit to exhibit. In the hottest summer months, a wide-brimmed hat combined with sunscreen is the only way to protect yourself from the sun. (Added bonus: you really do feel like you’re on a safari!)

Extra tip: Probably don’t feed the geese

A goose was hanging around the front of the zoo, and we thought it would be a good idea to give him some leftover French fries. He certainly enjoyed the snack – so much that when we were finished feeding him, he nipped my toe – totally harmless, but a little embarrassing when I yelped!