Debut novel is out!

by Abigail Malik


I’m giddy with excitement and gratitude to announce that I’ve published my first novel, I’ll Dance At Your Wedding, on Amazon Kindle. Publishing this specific work was a goal for 2019, and I got in right under the deadline! I’m so excited about having a new novel in 2020.

The first draft of I’ll Dance At Your Wedding was created in 2014, and I decided to dust it off in 2018. Between you and me, I was scared to go back and read it again…I was afraid what I’d written would be garbage. Turns out, it was okay. Good, in fact.

I hope you enjoy reading about the Patterson family – Claire, Meredith, Lillian and Fred – as much as I enjoyed creating them. Here’s the synopsis:

Claire Patterson loves her family, but sometimes she feels like they hold her back. It isn’t fair that she doesn’t get to do all the things every one else does, especially her sister Meredith. On Christmas Eve, Claire decides to take control of her world – at the expense of a family Monopoly tradition…and her sister’s chin.

Empowered by the awkward incident, Claire has the motivation she needs to start making her own choices just as she meets Michael Crum, a young man (11 years younger than her, to be precise) who is just like her. A young man who opens up her world.

“I’ll Dance At Your Wedding” is a funny and real look at what it means to be different. And how one family’s growing pains make way for two individuals to start feeling like they belong.