Published Writing


A Split Second in San Francisco: UnderMain. May 2017.


Mammoth Cave worth a visit (pdf): Living Well 50+ magazine, Sept/Oct 2015

Pick it up, people! Keep Lexington Beautiful (pdf): Living Well 50+ magazine, May/June 2015

New Senior Citizen Center Scheduled to Open Next Year (pdf): Living Well 50+ magazine, March/April 2015


Write now – Right now! National Novel Writing Month challenges aspiring writers (pdf): Living Well 50+ magazine, Nov/Dec 2014

Acupuncture Makes A Good Point (pdf): Living Well 50+ magazine, Nov/Dec 2014

A Prosthetics Primer: Modern Technology Improves Outlook For People Living with Limb LossLiving Well 50+ magazine, Sept/Oct 2014

Travel Clinic Gets You Ready To Go Abroad (pdf): Living Well 50+ magazine, July/August 2014

Being In The Moment Through Tai Chi (pdf): Living Well 50+ magazine, May/June 2014

Bowling Beneficial for Health (pdf): Living Well 50+ magazine, May/June 2014

“That Little Road” Opened the Way West (pdf): Living Well 50+ magazine, March/April 2014

Mayim Bialik: 30 January 2014 – Morehead, KY (event review):, February 11, 2014

Birdwatchers Flock Together: Audubon Society of Kentucky welcomes novice birders (pdf): Living Well 50+ magazine, Jan/Feb 2014


Tacos Supreme: Brothers Introduce SoCal-Mex Cuisine to Ashland (pdf): Story magazine, Winter 2013

Older Adults Can Help Kids Learn: Living Well 50+ magazine, Sept/Oct 2013

Eagles: 6 July – Louisville, KY (concert review):, July 17, 2013


Appalachian Poets Confront ‘, Jan. 30, 2012

Not Fightin’ Words: Turning Negative Public Reaction into an Educational Opportunity (pdf): 2012 PR News Media Training Guidebook


Accident of History: Chance assignment in graduate school leads to rewarding second career (pdf): Centrepiece magazine, Summer 2011

Getting to the Heart of It: Surgeon’s secret: horse valves (pdf): Centrepiece magazine, Spring 2011


Ripple (personal essay) (pdf): Underwired  magazine, December 2010

Press conference confusion: How to learn from media relations mistakes (pdf):, Nov. 3, 2010

UT grad plays with renowned orchestra (pdf): Knoxville News-Sentinel &, Oct. 3, 2010

Website redesign? Bolster buy-in with these 5 technique (pdf):, Oct. 15, 2010

PR pros and scientists: A 10-tip formula for collaborating (pdf):, May 13, 2010


Bill Owens of Danville simply refuses to retire (pdf): My Town Seniors magazine, May/June 2008

Life in the Foreign Service: Alum trades major embassies for the chance to make a real difference (pdf): Centrepiece magazine, Spring 2008

Marian Gibson: Active senior’s true passion lies with global missionary work (pdf): My Town Seniors magazine, January/February 2008


Duane Hall: Finding an unlikely lifesaver in geothermal energy (pdf): My Town Seniors magazine, November/December 2007

Au revoir, Madame Ciholas: ‘Renaissance Woman’ Retires: Centrepiece magazine, Fall 2007


Broken Levees, Faith Intact: The Conclusion of Spike Lee’s ‘Requiem’: Idol Chatter blog, Aug. 23, 2006

Spike Lee’s ‘Requiem’ for New Orleans: Idol Chatter blog, Aug. 22, 2006

World Trade Center’: Unromantic, Uplifting & Terrifying: Idol Chatter blog, Aug. 10, 2006

PBS Controversy: It’s About More Than A Few Curse Words: Idol Chatter blog, July 31, 2006